Forget a “wanted” poster, “wanted” cookies are the way to go to catch a perp

A Milwaukee bakery is taking crime-fighting into their own hands after their store was robbed. 

Last month, a thief robbed Bay View area bakery, Canfora, of some cash and equipment. So, to catch the perp who made off with the dough, they put his face on some dough. 

In a Facebook post made by the bakery on May 1, they announced that they put an image of the suspect taken from a security camera on some “delicious sugar cookies.” They also handed out edible “wanted” flyers. 

“We invite the Bay View community to come on in and take a bite out of the thief while supplies last – one per family,” they wrote. “If you recognize this man, please call the Milwaukee PD.”

It seems the tasty approach to finding the suspect paid off because the bakery gave an update later in the comments, writing, “He has been identified! Thank you to everyone who responded.”