Wyden Statement on Enhanced Jobless Benefits

Senate Finance Committee Chair Ron Wyden, D-Ore., today released the following statement on enhanced jobless benefits:

“A deeply disturbing trend is emerging with Republican governors cutting off enhanced jobless benefits months early, and Republican interest groups pushing the move. Enhanced jobless benefits helped save the economy by ensuring millions of families could pay rent and buy groceries during this crisis. Cutting off all benefits while millions of workers have not yet been able to return to work could cause tremendous financial pain and sabotage our economic recovery.

“Study after study has shown that enhanced jobless benefits have not prevented workers from returning to their jobs, and there are other factors at play here, like lack of child care for millions of women and ongoing concern about the virus. It’s critically important that these conversations include mothers without child care and other jobless workers, not just business owners paying starvation wages. Tackling challenges like child care, rather than scapegoating workers, is going to boost our economic recovery.”