Central Klickitat County Park and Recreation District Pool set to open

The Central Klickitat County Park and Recreation District is excited and are busily preparing for the opening of the Swimming Pool on May 21, 2021.  The swimming pool will operate with various Covid precautions but most importantly the swimming pool will be open in 2021.  Prior to opening the swimming pool, the dome cover will be removed on May 15th, and the swimming pool will operate as an outdoor facility, as outdoor recreation is less restrictive than indoor recreation in Covid terms.

The lifeguards have been hired and are undergoing training as we speak.  As in the past the lifeguards will be certified by Lori Anderson, pool manager and American Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor, and even that training includes Covid Precautions.  First and foremost, the safety of swimmers is the top priority.  In the case of rescuing a swimmer, the “reach” or “throw” rescue techniques are encouraged over contacting a victim, regardless the lifeguards will do whatever necessary to rescue a swimmer.

In regard to the Washington Roadmap to Recovery, CKCPRD will follow the guidelines in whatever phase we may be.  Under the current phase three, with appropriate social distancing our facility has a capacity of 124.  If we were forced to go back to phase two, our attendance cap would be 62 swimmers.  Emphasize will placed on advising all patrons to arrive with their swimwear on and avoid the locker rooms.  With social distancing, only 12 people are allowed in either locker room at one time.  Also, we are asking everyone to dry off on the deck and head home to shower. Under current Covid restrictions, masks are required to be worn, until swimmers are in the water. 

At this point, CKCPRD will not be offering swimming lessons, as swim instructors cannot have direct contact with swim students, emergencies aside.  If restrictions are not loosen by summer time, the district will likely offer guided swim instructional time.  A parent/guardian or sibling 12 or older would be in the water with a young child, and a swim instructor will lead them through various beginning swim skills.  Potentially more advanced swim lesson levels will occur with the instructor having a rescue tube attached over their shoulder in case a student needs help.  More swim lesson details will come as we get closer to summer when school is out and our summer hour’s start.

While the swimming pool is opening soon, the district has other exciting news and offerings.  Seven outdoor exercise stations will be installed near the corner of NE 3rd St and North King St.  The stations offer various stretching and strength building elements and come with basic instructions.  They will be available to the public all day, any day, though the grounds technically close at dusk.  Work has started in the community garden and plots will be available to rent.  Youth soccer and football are planned to return in late summer 2021, and registration information will be available soon.  If you have any questions, please call the swimming pool at (509) 773-0506 or go to our website www.centralklickitatcountyparksandrecreation.com