Chinese wives reportedly feeding their husbands impotency drugs to stop them from cheating

(NOTE NATURE) Some Women in China have taken drastic measures to keep their husbands from cheating on them.

A viral social media post claims the wives have secretly been feeding their husbands diethylstilbestrol, a synthetic estrogen drug, to ensure they can’t perform in bed in order to make the men ditch their mistresses, according to the South China Morning Post.

The drug comes in the form of an odorless white powder that can be dissolved in water quickly. One or two grams per serving could be discreetly added to a husband’s meal.

Doctors are concerned because the side effects could pose health risks, such as increasing the burden on the cardiovascular system, affecting the metabolism of the liver and cancers of the genitals.

Furthermore, the wives could face criminal liability if their husbands’ health was seriously affected by the drugs.