Bentz, Republican Panel Hear from Oregon Company on the Impact of Biden Administration’s Energy and Industry Killing Policies

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congressman Cliff Bentz (R-Ontario) participated in a House Natural Resources Committee Republican Virtual Forum focused on the impact of President Biden’s energy and industry killing Executive Orders. The forum was not an official House Natural Resources Committee event because the Committee’s Democrats have declined to hold a hearing on this important matter.

Congressman Bentz invited Mr. Trent Tyree, Chief Operating Officer at Tyree Oil to testify at the forum and answer questions. Tyree Oil has operations across Oregon, including several in Congressman Bentz’s district. According to Mr. Tyree, the company’s operations have been significantly impacted due to the polices of the Biden Administration.

Mr. Tyree talked about the the dramatic increase in the cost of oil and oil products due, at least in part, to President Biden’s Executive Orders. Tyree’s comments referenced Executive Order 14008, which halted new oil and gas leases and permits both on federal land and offshore.

Mr. Bentz:“You mentioned that one of the impacts of the Biden Administration’s executive order to take oil and gas leasing off the table has been to raise the cost of certain necessary energy and lubrication sources – can you comment?”

Mr. Tyree: “Yes. I think a lot of what we have seen recently, in the short term, has to do with some of the supply chain issues and getting additives and also product moved around the country. I think some speculation has led to the increase, but we are at the tip of the iceberg of what these executive orders are going to do to the prices of lubricants and fuel, I believe, for our country and our communities. Specifically for us, who deal heavily in forestry and manufacturing, a 40 percent price increase in lubricants is a huge detriment and a huge hit to the bottom line. That money could be better spent elsewhere. I’m aware of many projects in our area that have been put on hold due to increased cost of raw materials, including oil. That’s jobs that could have been created in our communities.”

Additional Background

The submitted text of Mr. Tyree’s opening statement can be found here.

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About Tyree Oil Inc. and Mr. Trent Tyree

Tyree Oil is a family owned and operated petroleum distributor based in Eugene, OR with branch locations in Portland, Roseburg, Coos Bay, Grants Pass and Medford. Tyree Oil is supported by 180 team members including Drivers, Material Handlers, Engineers, administrative professionals and sales personnel. Tyree provides lubricants, fuels, and reliability services to some of the Northwest’s leading manufacturers and transportation companies. Trent Tyree is the Chief Operating Officer and works out of the Portland office.