Fans pick up on meaningful new Easter egg in Taylor Swift’s new merchandise drop

It’s only been a few days since Taylor Swift released her highly anticipated re-recorded album Fearless (Taylor’s Version), but fans have already picked up on a major Easter egg hidden in her new line of merchandise.

Among the many offerings promoting the newly re-recorded 2008 album is a pendant that fans immediately recognized as being a replica of a piece of jewelry Taylor wore 13 years ago.

Fans were quick to note that something called a “Capture It, Remember It” vault key necklace — which has now sold out — resembled a copper key necklace Taylor wore on the original cover art for Fearless.

The pendant, which contains Taylor’s initials inside the upside-down heart, was a clever nod to the fact that Taylor has unlocked the “vault” that contained six never-before-heard songs from her past.  But it also united the past and present in a meaningful gift to fans.

In the new cover art for Fearless (Taylor’s Version), the singer is not wearing the necklace, which fans assume means that she’s passing that piece of her life onto them.

As one fan explained, “Taylor really used to wear key necklaces all the time during the fearless era and now she’s giving us one to the fearless vault.”

Ahead of the release of Fearless (Taylor’s Version) fans also speculated that her blouse on the cover photo was a deliberate nod to the shirt “Romeo” wore in the romantic ending of her original “Love Story” music video.