Wyden Statement on President Biden’s American Jobs Plan

Washington, D.C.—Senate Finance Committee Chair Ron Wyden, D-Ore., today released the following statement on President Biden’s American Jobs Plan:

“President Biden has laid out a proposal to make once-in-a-generation investments in the American people. Rebuilding our roads and bridges, ensuring broadband access in rural and underserved communities, investing in affordable housing, moving toward a carbon-free economy, and incentivizing good-paying manufacturing jobs here at home are essential to building a better future for our children. 

“The climate catastrophes of the past year, whether it’s wildfires in Oregon or freezing temperatures in Texas, have underscored the urgent need to both address the climate crisis and rebuild our infrastructure. President Biden and I are on the same page when it comes to eliminating subsidies for dirty fossil fuels, rewarding clean energy, and incentivizing clean manufacturing of critical technologies like batteries and solar components. I will continue to push my comprehensive energy tax overhaul, which would scrap our hodgepodge of 44 energy tax breaks and replace them with a technology-neutral, emissions-based system. This proposal is key to achieving our climate goals and should be the linchpin of our efforts in the Senate.

“President Biden and I are also rowing in the same direction when it comes to making these critical investments in the American people, by ensuring mega-corporations pay their fair share and overhauling Republicans’ 2017 international tax provisions. While mega-corporations are raking in sky-high profits, their tax payments have fallen through the floor. I will be unveiling my framework to overhaul international taxation with Senators Brown and Warner next week. While the proposals are distinct, our plans share the same goals of ending incentives to ship jobs overseas and rewarding companies that invest in the United States and its workers.

“This country is facing unprecedented challenges and I applaud President Biden for laying out a bold vision that meets the needs of the moment. I look forward to working with his administration to get these priorities and more across the finish line.”