NCPHD Weekly Vaccine report

North Central Pubic Health District (NCPHD) is providing a weekly update of COVID-19 vaccines distributed in its three-county service area of Wasco, Sherman and Gilliam counties. Through last week, over 10,600 doses have been administered.

Entities providing vaccines include NCPHD, Mid-Columbia Medical Center, One Community Health, Sherman County Medical Clinic in Moro, Arlington Medical Center, South Gilliam Health Center in Condon, and Deschutes Rim Clinic in Maupin.

Local long term care facility residents and staff were vaccinated by national pharmacy chains. Local pharmacies, including Safeway and Bi-Mart in The Dalles in Wasco County and Murray’s Drug in Condon in Gilliam County are vaccinating people currently.

Through last Saturday, March 20, the below entities have administered 10,629 vaccines, including first and second doses. The breakdown of vaccines by agency or group is:

  • North Central Public Health District (NCPHD): 5,657 cumulative doses: 620 the week ending March 20.
  • Sherman County Medical Center: cumulative 517, 64 the week ending March 20.
  • Mid-Columbia Medical Center: 1,481 cumulative. (MCMC staffs a vaccine clinic on Wednesdays but the vaccine count is now tabulated through NCPHD and appointments are booked through NCPHD’s booking system.)
  • One Community Health: 929 cumulative; 219 the week ending March 20.
  • Mid-Columbia Fire & Rescue: 332 cumulative doses (MCFR has completed its vaccine work, which included first responders.)
  • Arlington Medical Center: 90 cumulative; 40 the week ending March 20.
  • South Gilliam Health Center: 77 cumulative, 33 the week ending March 20.
  • Deschutes Rim Health Clinic: cumulative 106; 42 the week ending March 20.
  • Local long term care facilities: 1,406 cumulative doses. (Long term care facilities have completed their doses.)

Vaccines are being given to healthcare providers, emergency responders, educators and childcare providers, and those 65 and older. Wasco County has vaccinated 24.42 % of its population. Sherman County has vaccinated 26.29% of its population, and Gilliam County has vaccinated 24.05% percent of the population.

Updated reports were not available this week, but through March 18, Wasco County had vaccinated 66.1% of those 80 and older, 54.2% of those 75-79; 47.4% of those 70-74; and 34.7% of those 65-69.

Through March 18, Sherman County had vaccinated 65.2% of those 80 and older; 36.3% of those 75-79; 40.9%

of those 70-74; and 31.5% of those 65-69.

Gilliam County through March 18 had vaccinated 50% of those 80 and older; 44.6% of those 75-59; 48.9% of

those 70-74; and 37.1% of those 65-69.

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