Mom superglues boxing glove onto her hand to beat up middle schooler

Another week, another crazy mom going above and beyond to get herself — and her daughter — in trouble with authories.

First Coast News reports that Edith Riddle, of Jacksonville, Florida, arrived at her daughter’s middle school for a meeting with the vice principal with a boxing glove apparently superglued onto her wrist.  That’s what she told the VP, anyway.

The 34-year-old woman, following the meeting, was supposed to take her child out of the school and go home — but instead, followed her delightful little girl to the school cafeteria where they both jumped another student.

A school safety officer heard a teacher’s “frantic” announcement over the P.A. system about the fight and arrived to see Riddle, with her glued on boxing glove, pummeling the young female student.

Police broke up the fight and the victim was taken to the hospital by her parents, who say they want to pursue criminal charges.  The girl apparently suffered several abrasions to her forearms and knees.

Riddle was arrested and was charged with child abuse with a personal/special weapon.