Jason Whitman Pleads Guilty and is Sentenced to Kidnapping and Assault in the 2nd Degree

(THE DALLES, Ore.) – Wasco County District Attorney Matthew Ellis announced that 36-year-old Jason Whitman received a 95-month prison sentence after pleading guilty to kidnapping in the second degree and assault in the second degree constituting domestic violence.   He received a sentence of 61 months on the kidnapping and 34 months on the assault to be served consecutively.

The resolution of this case resulted after Whitman accepted an offer by the State following negotiations between DA Ellis and Whitman’s attorney.  Though the two counts fall under Ballot Measure 11, Mr. Whitman was not sentenced under the Ballot Measure 11 mandatory minimums.  Mr. Whitman has received the presumptive sentence on the two counts, based on the crime seriousness levels and his criminal history score.    

By pleading guilty, Whitman admitted to secretly confining his victim in a place where she was not likely to be found with the intent to interfere substantially with her liberty.  He further admitted to causing physical injury to his victim with a Taser.

In December, 2020 Mr. Whitman kept his victim confined for multiple days in her bedroom.  If she would try to leave, he would use a Taser to shock her.  Mr. Whitman’s victim was able to escape when she convinced him to allow her to go to the liquor store with him.  She was able to call 911 from the store.  Officers arrived quickly and were able to take a victim statement and arrest Whitman in the parking lot. 

The quick response from The Dalles City Police and Wasco County Sheriff’s Office helped free Whitman’s victim from his terror. The district attorney’s office would like to give particular recognition to Officers Joe Lick, James Raglund, and Kris Wood for their response and assistance to the victim. 

In addition to the prison sentence, the court placed Whitman on 36 months of post-prison supervision.  If he violates conditions put in place by his post-prison supervisor, he could receive further sanctions in the future. 

This case was settled by District Attorney Matthew Ellis

No additional information is available for release at this time.