Booking Email Sent to Those 70 and older to get Vaccine

North Central Public Health District sent emails today to those 70 and older who have signed up to our vaccine eligibility notification system. Phone outreach is also ongoing to senior citizens.

The 250 available openings for next week filled quickly, but new openings are added each week.

  • Booking emails contain a link and password to seek an appointment in our online scheduling system
  • Demand far exceeds supply and appointments fill quickly; you likely will not get one right away
  • Keep your booking email and please check back regularly; as stated, new appointments added weekly
  • New appointments are created for the following 1-2 weeks; no need to check beyond that timeframe

A booking email was not sent when the 70-74 age group became eligible last week because there were no openings. The email today went out to those 70 and older, along with all others already eligible for the vaccine who had signed up for notifications. Many of them may have already received it and will not need to seek an appointment.

A booking email will go out later this week to those 65 and older who have signed up for eligibility notifications. The plan is to open more appointments at that time. That group became eligible for the vaccine this week. It is not determined yet what day those emails will go out.

Getting the vaccine from the health district is a two-step process:

  • First, complete the eligibility notification form at
  • Second, once your group is eligible for the vaccine per state guidelines, you will get an email with the link and password to the booking system to begin seeking an appointment.

We ask the community to reach out to older family members, friends or neighbors and offer to help them with this online process. You can use your own email address in the form you fill out for them. The same email can be used for multiple people.

Since we know an online system is a barrier for many seniors, phone outreach is being done by several community partners. Mid-Columbia Medical Center volunteers are calling older patients to offer help with signing up. Mid-Columbia Senior Center and Age+ volunteers are also calling older folks to assist.

For a ride to the vaccine clinic which is at the Fort Dalles Readiness Center by Columbia Gorge Community College, the LINK Bus offers door to door rides for $1.50 each way (others may be on the ride with you who have their own stops). The service is offered in The Dalles, Dufur, Mosier, Celilo and points between in unincorporated Wasco County. Call LINK at 541-296-7595.

(For more information, please visit COVID-19 Vaccine in Oregon or contact North Central Public Health District at (541) 506-2600 or visit us on the web at or https://wascoshermangilliamcovid-