Blake Shelton hid Gwen Stefani’s engagement ring in his truck

Blake Shelton picked an odd place to hide Gwen Stefani‘s engagement ring. 

While waiting for the right moment to pop the question to his fiancee, the country star kept the ring hidden in the side pocket of the door in his farm truck — stashed away under loose change, pocket knives and McDonald’s salt packets, he describes.

“I knew that I needed to have the ring ready at any moment, so I put it in the pocket of my truck because I didn’t want to set up the moment, I wanted her to accidentally set up the moment. I needed the ring available whenever that was,” Blake explains to Extra about his methodical thinking.  

The “God’s Country” singer kept the ring in the truck for roughly five days until he proposed at the couple’s ranch in Oklahoma in October. They are still in the planning process for the wedding, waiting out the COVID-19 pandemic so they can safely gather their loved ones for the celebration. 

“We want our families to be able to be there. We don’t have a clue when we’re going to be able to mingle again, so that’s literally all we’re waiting on,” Blake says, adding, “I would marry her when we’re done with this interview if I could.”