Woman stabs sister with EpiPen because she’s “allergic to drunks”

A Florida woman claims she stabbed her sister with an EpiPen during a night of drinking because she’s “allergic to drunks.”

The Naples Police Department arrived at the home Joanna Zielinski shares with her sister recently due to a 911 call hang-up, according to Click Orlando.  Zielinski’s sister told officers that they had been drinking together and at some point, she got tired and wanted to go to sleep while Zielinski stayed up and continued drinking.

When asked about the incident, Zielinski allegedly replied, “I’m allergic to drunks so I injected her with the EpiPen so she wouldn’t be drunk anymore. What’s the big deal?”

First responders who arrived on scene say the victim wasn’t actually injected with any medication during the incident because of the way Zielinski was holding the EpiPen.

Records show Zielinski had been violent toward the victim in the past and that she wanted to press charges.

Zielinski, 62, was arrested on a charge of battery and domestic violence.