Weekly Vaccine Report

North Central Pubic Health District is providing a weekly update of vaccines distributed in its three-county service area of Wasco, Sherman and Gilliam counties.

A number of entities are now providing vaccinations, including North Central Public Health District, Mid- Columbia Medical Center, Mid-Columbia Fire & Rescue, One Community Health, Sherman County Medical Clinic in Moro, Arlington Health Center, and South Gilliam Health Center in Condon. Deschutes Rim Clinic in Maupin begins vaccinations this week.

Local long term care facility residents and staff were vaccinated by national pharmacy chains. There is very limited availability through some local pharmacies. Check their websites for more information.

Through last Saturday, Feb. 13, the entities listed below have administered 5,517 vaccines, including first and second doses. The breakdown of vaccines by agency or group is:

  • North Central Public Health District: 1,995 cumulative doses: 370 the week ending Feb. 13.
  • Sherman County Medical Center: 221 cumulative, 84 the week ending Feb. 13.
  • Mid-Columbia Medical Center: 1,307 cumulative, 235 the week ending Feb. 13.
  • One Community Health: 256 cumulative; none the week ending Feb. 13.
  • Mid-Columbia Fire & Rescue: 332 cumulative doses; 0 the week ending Feb. 13. (MCFR has completed its vaccine work, which included first responders.)
  • Arlington Health Center: 10 cumulative; 10 the week ending Feb. 13.
  • South Gilliam Health Center: 20 cumulative; 20 the week ending Feb. 13.
  • Local long term care facilities: 1,406 cumulative doses. (Long term care facilities have completed their doses.)

Vaccines are being given to healthcare providers, emergency responders, educators and childcare providers, and now, those 75 and older.

NCPHD is working hard to distribute the vaccine as soon as we get it. Our ability to vaccinate is determined by how much we receive from the state each week, as well as state guidelines about who is currently eligible to get them.

(For more information, please visit COVID-19 Vaccine in Oregon or contact North Central Public Health District at (541) 506-2600 or visit us on the web at www.ncphd.org or https://wascoshermangilliamcovid- 19.com/)