Volunteer Air Wing of the Klickitat County Sheriff’s Office


The volunteer Air Wing Pilots of the Klickitat County Sheriff’s Office consists of seven (7) pilots and their names are as follows:
(1) Air-1, Special Deputy Doug Herlihy   (2) Air-2, Special Deputy Bud Nolan, 
(3) Air-3, Special Deputy Stacy Grabb  (4) Air-4, Special Deputy Brad Damm
(5) Air-5, Special Deputy Jeremy Young  (6)-Air 6, Special Deputy Brian Prange
(7) Air-7, Pilot Joe Wampler (Hood River, Oregon).

The above Klickitat County Sheriff’s Office Air Wing Pilots assist the Sheriff’s Deputies in searching for lost subjects, investigative work and during fire season they look for smoke in an attempt to locate wildfires.  They also fly other missions for the Sheriff’s Office. The Pilots also assist other agencies in the neighboring jurisdictions.

From January 1, 2020 to December 31. 2020, these Pilots flew a total of 1,145.4 hours of  volunteer flight time for Klickitat County Sheriff’s Office.  They not only volunteer their flying hours but they also pay for their own fuel, maintenance and rental cost of a plan.

If the Klickitat County Sheriff’s Office were to rent identical Aircraft and a Pilot, it would cost $280.00 per hour. 

The value of the volunteer hours that the KCSO Air Wing Special Deputy Pilots donated was 1,145.4 hours at $280.00 per hour, in addition to the expenses which includes fuel, plane rental, and maintenance, comes to a grand total of $1,008,216.00.  

The Air Wing Pilots are a major part of the Klickitat County Sheriff’s Office Community Policing Program.  They are an asset and credit to the Klickitat County Sheriff’s Office and the Citizens of Klickitat County.–.

Bob Songer
Sheriff Klickitat County, Washington
Office # 509-773-4455