Zayn introduces his new “science project” — letting fans watch him sleep

Zayn is getting ready to tuck himself into bed and slip into dreamland — all while his adoring fans watch.

The former One Direction singer is teaming up with Coors to see if the beer company can successfully transmit one of their commercials into his dreams.

Calling the stunt an “experiment,” Zayn says he plans to go on Instagram Live this Saturday to test a Harvard doctor’s theory about how to hack into someone’s dreams.

Reports People, Harvard psychologist Dr. Deirdre Barrett teamed with Coors to figure out how to influence a person’s sleep via a “soundscape.”   The intent is to not only infiltrate someone’s sleep cycle, but implant a “relaxing dream.”

So, where does Zayn come in?

In a press release, the “PILLOWTALK” singer admitted, “When Coors asked me if they could induce a refreshing dream while I sleep for you all to watch on Instagram Live, I thought…well that IS very strange.”

The 28-year-old adds he was tempted by the challenge, “So of course, I said yes.”

Should the experiment be a success, Zayn says he will be among the first to see Coors’ Big Game commercial — which is what the company intends to beam into his brain.

“Let’s see if this works… wish me luck,” he teased on Instagram.

Fans can tune in this Saturday at 10:30 p.m. ET on Zayn’s personal Instagram.