For Valentine’s Day, is letting you “book” a dumpster for your ex

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the booking site has come up with a way to get you thinking about getting away — while providing some much-needed closure on your last relationship.

That’s right: You can book your ex a night in a dumpster — virtually.

As part of a new contest, go to and tell the company both why your ex deserves a night with the rest of the trash — and why you deserve to go on your ideal getaway.  You could win a $300 gift card to be redeemed whenever you feel safe to travel. 

Even if you don’t win, you’ll be emailed a fake-but-satisfying “reservation” made out to in your ex’s name reading, “Congrats, your ex is ‘booked’ for the V-Day Dumpster stay on Sunday, February 14 — now they can sleep where they belong.”

Also listed are the following dumpster “amenities:” 

Wifi: “Unreliable, just like your ex.”
Housekeeping: “They’ll have to pick up after themselves for once”
Cable: “None, and Netflix password has been changed.”
NOT eligible for upgrades: “They can’t do better than you.”