Update on COVID-19 vaccination in Hood River County

Hood River County remains at the Red or Extreme Risk Level through February 11, 2021, at minimum. Oregon’s decision to vaccinate educators starting Jan. 25 aims to end the pandemic earlier, address educational inequity sooner and boost Oregon’s economy more quickly. With limited vaccine supplies, we know we can vaccinate the 105,000 educators and other school, early  learning  and  childcare  workers in a much shorter time than it will take to immunize Oregon’s 800,000 seniors. With new variants of the virus now spreading vigilance in practicing basic prevention measures is more important than ever — wearing masks, physical distancing, avoiding gatherings, staying home if sick — and must continue for the foreseeable future.

The Hood River County Health Department continues to receive additional doses of the COVID-19 vaccine weekly. We have completed first-dose vaccination to all those in Phase 1a. If you are in Phase 1a and have not yet received your first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, please email covidvaccine@co.hood-river.or.us. We have started scheduling of Phase 1b, Group 1 Educators. This phase includes: child-care, preschool and K-12 school and school district staff. Groups 2 – 5, people 65 and older; other essential workers; and high-risk populations will be next following Oregon Health Authority Guidance. Second doses for first responders and medical personnel will be administered by our partners. They will be reaching out to schedule this week.

Please do not call the health department.

It is vital that you consult your doctor with questions regarding possible vaccine interactions with medications that you are currently taking. We cannot legally provide this advice during vaccination clinics.

For information about administration of the COVID-19 vaccine in Hood River County:

Visit:    www.HRCCovid19.org https://www.facebook.com/HRCPublicHealthOfficer

Email: covidvaccine@co.hood-river.or.us

Call:     541-399-8022 (English) or 541-399-8023 (Español)