4-year-old goes viral for making up song “Leave Me Alone”

Honestly, this little toddler is a whole mood.  For those who are quarantined with their family members and really wish to reclaim some privacy — here’s a hit just for you.

A 4-year-old went viral for singing a made-up tune about wanting to be left in peace.

Mom Jovan Phillips-Lloyd of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, told Good Morning America that her daughter Milan is constantly making up her own songs while riding in the car. Her latest “hit,” which mom titled “Leave Me Alone,” has taken over Instagram since being posted last Friday.

Mom said Milan started improvising lyrics to her now-viral “Leave Me Alone” hit while waiting in line last week in the Chick-fil-A drive-thru.  The girl really gets into her performance, which she belts from a booster seat, as she repeatedly commands in a Dreamgirls-esque style to “leave me alone!”

Phillips-Lloyd attests her little one is a diva because “she’s the only girl” out of four children — so “she’s the boss.”

The video was viewed by millions after actress Taraji P. Hensen reposted it.

When she’s not singing, Milan likes to play with her Barbie dolls and her three older brothers — and maybe telling them to leave her alone with those soaring toddler vocals.