Selfish millionaire couple flies north, poses as First Nation residents to get COVID vaccine

After reports surfaced Monday that the ultra-rich will try to use their privilege to cut the line and obtain a COVID-19 vaccine, Canadian authorities have bagged their first millionaires who did just that.

Rodney and Ekaterina Baker, who are 55 and 32-years-old respectively, flew on their private jet into a Native American community in the northern Yukon region to get their hands on a vaccine shipment.  Vice reports the two pretended to be residents of the First Nation community of Beaver Creek to get the shots.

The community consists of roughly 100 people — the majority of whom are White River First Nation. 

The two then stood in line at a local vaccine clinic and lied about their occupations — that they work at a local motel — to get vaccinated with shots meant for indigenous residents.  One they got their jabs in the arm, they went back to their private jet and flew back home.

Residents called Yukon authorities and, soon enough, the Bakers were apprehended at the local airport.  They were charged for posing a risk to the First Nation community — a demographic that has been adversely hit by the pandemic — because the two did not self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival as well as failing to make a travel declaration.

The two face fines up to $1,150 CAD each and/or up to six months in prison.  Obviously, the indigenous population balked at the flimsy charges.

Rodney Baker was the CEO of the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation, a position that raked in an annual salary of $10.6 million.  He resigned on Sunday following the scandal.

As for his wife, Ekaterina, she’s an actress who’s appeared in movies like Fatman and Chick Fight.  As of Tuesday, she’s disabled her social media accounts.