Oregon Customers to Receive Millions Back on February Gas Bills

PORTLAND, Ore. — NW Natural customers in Oregon can expect a credit on their February bill, as the company issues $9.1 million in bill credits for services provided at the company’s underground natural gas storage facility at Mist, Oregon, as well as from efficient pipeline capacity management.

The average residential customer in Oregon will see a credit of about $9, which equals a savings of 16% compared to average monthly bills. The average small commercial customer in Oregon will see a credit of about $39.

“This credit comes during the height of winter, when customers typically have high heating bills. Plus, many people are still struggling because of the economic impacts of COVID-19. So we’re especially pleased to share these cost savings at this time,” said David H. Anderson, NW Natural president and CEO.

For the past 17 years, NW Natural has issued nearly $170 million in bill credits to Oregon customers. Previously, the credits were distributed in June. This year they are given out in February as result of the most recent rate case outcome where the Utility Commission agreed the credits should align with the winter heating season when demand is highest.

“Natural gas remains an affordable energy choice. NW Natural customers are paying about 37% less today for their bills than they did 15 years ago, due to lower commodity costs coupled with efficient operations and energy efficiency measures,” added Anderson.

Washington customers also benefit from the company’s efficiencies. However, instead of showing up as a one-time credit, Washington customers’ credits are included in the monthly billing rate throughout the year.