Man posing as police officer arrested for stealing… *checks notes* a donut

A man with sticky fingers learned that if you’re going to impersonate a police officer, don’t go after their life sustaining donuts.

KUTV reports that 47-year-old Daniel Mark Wright moseyed into the Lehi, Utah 7-Eleven on Monday and allowed his sweet tooth — and the devil on his shoulder — to get the better of him.

Wright, who was dressed in a “sheriff’s deputy” jacket lifted a single donut from the store and fled in his white Ford Truck. 

Well, police reviewed security footage to find the guy who stole the precious confectionary treat, positively identifying him as Wright and tracking him down to the motel he was staying at the time.

The arrest report as written by a responding trooper goes as follows, “Officers knocked on the door and made contact with [Wright] as he opened the door and was asked to step outside. A female was also inside of the bedroom and was identified as Christian Olson. While the door was open, I observed the green Salt Lake County Sheriff’s jacket hanging in the entry-way closet.”

After questioning both, the wild donut chase turned into an investigation into Wright’s truck — which turned out to be stolen.  D’oh.

Wright, who was arrested, faces impersonation of an officer, receiving or transfer of a stolen vehicle, and theft charges.

A deeper look into his and his accomplice’s rap sheet found that they also led police on a 60-mile chase across two counties in the state that weekend and that they’re being federally investigated for racketeering.

That said, don’t steal donuts.  The police will track you down and then find out all your secrets.