Watch: 1/19 Goldendale City Council Recap

Video courtesy of Nancy Kusky of Goldendale TV.
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The Goldendale City Council met last night. The major action was to authorize the purchase of a new command truck for the city fire department. City Administrator Larry Bellamy said it the dealership that had the state contract for such vehicles would only honor last year’s price through this Friday. Councilors voted unanimously to purchase the vehicle for $42,551.34. 

City Planner Justin Leigh reported a new application:

“Ben and Karen Perez, who own the taco truck, they are proposing to make a food vendor court just east of Pioneer Surveying on Simcoe there. They’re planning if this is successful to move the taco truck there and I guess they purchased the diner truck and they’re also proposing to have a coffee truck there as well so it could be a nice kind of mobile food pod.”

Leigh noted that such places were becoming very popular with the outdoor seating and social distancing requirements. He said the environmental study had been done with no comments and the city was ready to move to the next phase, which is public comment. People have two weeks to file a comment. The application is available at city hall.

Speaking of environmental studies, Leigh noted that today, Wednesday, was the last day for environmental comments on the proposed new Highlands subdivision off 18th street. The city had received one comment from the Environmental Protection Agency, as Leigh noted:

“It’s pretty inconsequential so we feel pretty good about that. You know, they’re not finding that there’s any sort of ecological reason to hold this up, so once we get through the SEPA comment period. we’ll proceed in the next steps in that process.”

One of those steps is to convene a planning commission to oversee the subdivision. Interested parties who live in the Goldendale city limits are invited to apply at city hall.