Update on COVID-19 vaccination in Hood River County

Hood River County remains at the Red or Extreme Risk Level through January 14, 2021 at minimum. Vigilance in practicing basic prevention measures — wearing masks, physical distancing, avoiding gatherings, staying home if sick — must continue for the foreseeable future.

The Hood River County Health Department will have 130 doses of vaccine to provide this week. We are currently scheduling vaccinations to complete Phase 1a – Group 1; planning for Phase 1a – Groups 2-4 as soon as we have enough vaccine; and forecasting how many vaccines will be needed for the required second doses. We are doing our very best to get everyone in Phase 1a who wants a COVID-19 vaccine covered. We do not  know  how  many  vaccines  will  be  received  or  when  shipments  will  arrive. Please be patient. Currently, vaccinations are by invitation and appointments only—please do not try to drop in.

Phase 1a qualifications are based on your workplace. If you want to know if you are in Phase 1a – Groups 2-4, please talk with your clinic or workplace administrator; business managers may email [email protected] with questions. We are only vaccinating Hood River County workplaces for Phase 1a. If you live in Hood River County but work in another county, please talk with your workplace administrator about receiving vaccination in the county where you work.

Phase 1a – Group 1: Frontline medical workers; qualified long-term-care-facility (LTCF) residents and staff; and EMS and other first responders. We still need to complete two-dose vaccination for this group. FIRST ROUND OF VACCINATION IS ALMOST COMPLETE.

Phase 1a – Group 2: Healthcare personnel and residents in other LTCFs and congregate care sites; hospice programs; mobile crisis care and related services; secure transport. IN PROGRESS.

Phase 1a – Group 3: Outpatient settings serving specific high-risk groups; in-home care; day treatment services; non-emergency medical transport. IN PROGRESS.

Phase 1a – Group 4: Healthcare personnel in other outpatient, public health, and early learning settings; death care workers. This includes allopathic physicians; dentists; chiropractic physicians; naturopathic physicians; physical, massage, and occupational therapists; acupuncturists; opticians; mental health therapists (unless covered in Group 2); veterinarians; and any other outpatient health practitioners. This includes office staff in these healthcare settings. Please await instructions.

Phase 1b:

Hood River County residents 65 and older. Please await instructions. Essential workers who work in Hood River County: Please await instructions.

The Oregon Health Authority has not defined “essential workers” yet. If you have questions about Phase 1b vaccines, please talk with your workplace administrator; business managers may email [email protected] with questions.

Hood River County residents with high-risk medical conditions. Please await instructions. Have questions about COVID-19 vaccination in Hood River County?