Mom questions why son is single, “personality or looks?”

They say there is no place like home for the holidays and while for some that may be true, many would agree that being reunited during this time of year can bring about some pesky questions from parents — like the dreaded “are you dating anyone?”

Well, that’s exactly what happened with one Twitter user whose mother asked if her child had a boyfriend yet. However, it’s not the fact that she asked that has caught people off-guard, it’s what she said after. 

In a screenshot shared to Twitter by Adem Waterman, his mother says she is writing out Christmas cards and asks if she should just put Adem’s name or “do you have a boyfriend yet?” 

He quickly tells her that the card should be addressed to just him, to which she responds, “Okay will do. Do you think it’s your personality or looks?”

Stunned by the question Adem replies, “Jesus Christ mum. It’s Christmas!”

“Well your brothers and sisters have partners,” she quipped. 

Adem captioned the post with the wide-eyed blushing face emoji and wrote, “MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU TOO.”

Thousands of people have interacted with the tweet and many have even responded with family stories of their own. 

One user shared, “When I phoned my gran to tell her I’d given birth to a baby girl, and I was naming her Violet, my gran said, ‘Oh, I won’t write that name on the card in case you change your mind.’ And she didn’t. The card said Baby.”

Another commented, “I phoned my Nanna once after yet another job rejection. She said ‘Do you think it’s because you’re past your best?’ I was 39.”