Stranded couple found in Skamania County

Report from Klickitat County Sheriff Bob Songer:

On December 2nd, 2020, a Seattle couple was rescued after their vehicle got stuck in snow on the US Forest Service Road in Skamania County.

The Couple, Andy Nguien, age 28 and Heidi Tran, Age 26, had rented a Toyota SUV, red in color on November 30th, to travel from North Seattle to a cabin they rented in Glenwood, Washington.  

A family member reported that he had been trying to contact the couple by cell phone over the past few days and had no response and was concerned for their safety.  Deputy Bianchi was able to confirm that the couple had not arrived at the cabin they had rented in Glenwood.

Followup by KCSO Deputies Bianchi, Ritoch and Matulovich confirmed that the couple had likely taken the US Forest Service Road South from Randle, Washington and became stuck in the snow.

The Klickitat County Sheriff’s volunteer Air Wing Special Deputy Brad Damm was dispatched to assist in the Search for the couple.  Pilot Brad Damm was able to locate the vehicle which was stuck in the snow on US Forest Service Road 23 in Skamania County.  Skamania County Search and Rescue responded to the couple’s location and rescued the snow bound couple.  They were healthy and in good condition after staying two nights in their vehicle stuck in the snow.

Good cooperation between KCSO Deputies, KCSO Air Wing Pilot Brad Damm, Klickitat County Dispatch 911 and Skamania County Search and Rescue Personnel resulted in a great outcome in this life saving mission.