Letter to Klickitat County Businesses from Sheriff Songer

To all Non-Essential Business owners in Klickitat County.

I realize the hardship you are facing in operating your businesses after Governor Inslee decided that your business is a Non-Essential Business.  Then at the same time he is forcing you to operate your business under unreasonable, unconstitutional and illegal COVID-19 mandated restrictions.
The Governor should not be picking and choosing which businesses are Essential and which businesses are Non-Essential.  All businesses are in fact Essential.

I have received complaints from non-essential business owners, that State Agencies, such as L& I Agents and Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Agents are coming into their businesses and harassing them about not following Governor Inslee’s COVID-19 Restriction Orders.   The Agents informed them, that they are following up on complaints received from the Governor’s phone line that allows fellow citizens to call in and inform (snitch) on other citizens, Religious Services and Non-Essential businesses for not obeying Governor Inslee’s mandated COVID-19 restriction orders.
As your elected Sheriff, I will not allow any State or Federal Agents to harass or use coercion tactics against any Citizens, Religious Service Group or Non-Essential Business Owners in Klickitat County.

If you as a Business Owner feel you are being harassed by L&I Agents, Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Agents or any other State or Federal Agents in regards to the Governor’s COVID-19 Mandated Restrictions, please call me at 1-509-261-1833 so I can investigate and determine if your Constitutional Rights have been violated or if any State laws have been violated by the agents.

I am not an Attorney, so if you are looking for legal advice. I was told that “CELSKI Law Firm” out of Kennewick, Washington (Phone# 1-509-735-5683) will take on cases involving alleged violations of COVID-19 Restrictions against Non-Essential Business Owners and they will handle these cases PRO BONO.

I strongly suggest if you have legal concerns please contact an attorney for advice.

As a Constitutional Sheriff I will uphold our Citizens Constitutional Rights and Liberties.

No crisis should ever violate a Citizen’s Liberty or God Given Rights under our United States Constitution or Washington State Constitution.

Bob Songer
Klickitat County, Washington
Cell # 509-261-1833 Office # 509-773-4455