Klickitat County Reports COVID-19 Positive Cases

White Salmon, WA, December 11, 2020 – In the past 48 hours the Klickitat County Health Department (KCHD) has been notified of over 30 individuals, from a facility in Bingen, who have tested positive for COVID-19.  The positive cases resulted when the aforementioned facility performed extensive COVID-19 testing for their staff as a part of their commitment to workforce and community safety. The health department estimates that there will be additional positive cases in the coming days as test results are processed. Additionally, some of the people who have tested positive live outside of Klickitat County. The KCHD has contacted the health departments in those counties and will continue to work with the health departments that have residents that have tested positive.

The KCHD and the facility’s human resources personnel have been extensively discussing the new cases and next steps. The following information has been confirmed about the incident as a result of those discussions:

  • All personnel that have been identified as positive with COVID-19 have been placed in self-isolation and will be checked on regularly by their health department and company staff.
  • Facility management has implemented appropriate controls and procedures for quarantine and isolation with their staff and will maintain these controls until personnel are considered recovered by health department staff.
  • The facility’s management team has implemented additional precautions that exceed recommendations by the CDC in order to help contain the spread of COVID-19 at their facility. 

The KCHD and the facility management team appreciate the level of concern this announcement may bring to community members. For this reason, they will continue to monitor the situation and maintain an ongoing dialogue to ensure this situation is contained and controlled appropriately.

If you are currently experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, please contact your primary care provider about getting tested.

A Spanish version of this press release will be available soon on the KCHD website. Click here for updates.

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