Goldendale City Council Meeting 12/07

The Goldendale City Council met last night, and after some last-minute adjustments, were able to host the meeting as a Zoom event for the first time. A public hearing on the 2021 city budget drew no comments, but councilors did decide to hold a special meeting of the full council at 6 pm next Monday night, so some of the newer members who are not on the budget committee could gain a deeper understanding of the process and the specifics. The 2021 budget is primarily an operations and maintenance budget with a few capital expenditures added. City administrator Lary Bellamy nored one project with a high priority:

“We looked at replacement of the kitchen at Ekone park as being a high-priority project because we recently tore down the old kitchen and we did kind of indicate to the community that we would rebuild that kitchen back as quickly as we could, and we ran out of time but we do think it’s important that we finish that part up.”

One of the brightest bits of news was that the city had obtained a $600,000 grant from the state Transportation Improvement Board which will pay 90 percent of the cost for street, sidewalk and utility improvements on Byars Street. Councilors also approved an amendment to the city’s contract for janitorial services, a professional services contract for prosecuting attorney, and a reimbursable agreement with Klickitat County Public Works. Under reports from city departments, Fire Chief Noah Halm reminded people of an event this weekend:

“The canned food drive put on by the Jaycees and Rural Seven and the Goldendale Fire Department will be this Sunday the thirteenth at 1 pm, so the fire trucks will be driving around, lights and sirens on, and bring your canned foods out.” 

And during final remarks before adjournment, Mayor Mike Canon acknowledged the cooperation of other local entities:

“More than anything I want to point out the excellent cooperation that the city gets from Klickitat County, both public works and other aspects, as well as from the PUD. This is a city that wouldn’t necessarily be able to pay for all these things. Your cooperation and working together I think saves money and time and effort on both sides. The county and the PUD are excellent partners for the city and we appreciate it very very much.”