Jessica Simpson speaks out about her dyslexia in emotional post

Jessica Simpson revealed for the first time on Monday that she has dyslexia and explains why that didn’t stop her from releasing an audiobook of her memoir Open Book.

While celebrating  Open Book being named by Apple as one of the best audiobooks of the year, the “Without You” singer revealed on Tuesday why releasing it at all was such a major triumph. 

“I’m dyslexic and this was the first time I have ever read out loud without hesitation,” revealed Simpson on her personal Instagram, adding that, this time, she had a reason to overcome the fear of making a mistake.

“I did it for the listener. I did it for my family. I did it for myself,” the 40-year-old singer affirmed. 

Dyslexia is one of the most common learning disabilities in the United States, which affects the ability to read, write and speak, according to Mayo Clinic. Dyslexia is a life-long problem and there is no known cure.  While early detection grants a better chance at success, those who struggle with dyslexia can also improve their reading skills by adopting certain educational techniques.

As for Simpson, she is thankful that she chose to use her voice to turn her memoir into an audiobook.

“I appreciate the power of this praise with all of my heart,” she added. “Turning my fears into wisdom has been a soulful journey to say the least.”