Not reading directions causes cringe-worthy “mom fail” on son’s school photos

Here’s why you should always read the directions, even if it’s as something as minor as the fine print on your son’s school photo consent form.  Oh, yes, you know where this is going…

A Texas mom fessed up to a spectacular “mom fail” when it came to signing off her Kindergarten-age son’s school yearbook photos.

Brittany Kinley, 33, was so excited to order her 5-year-old’s first set of kindergarten photos that she glossed over a very important section in her online order.

When filling out the order form, a section popped up for having one’s child’s name engraved at the bottom of the photo — something the excited mom wasn’t too keen to have.

So, because Kinley just wanted a plain photo of her son with no name engraving but, she says she couldn’t skip that portion of the form… so she quickly typed in “I don’t want this” and was able to get on with her purchase.

Little did she know that she wrote it in all caps because, guess what showed up — written in all caps — at the bottom of her son’s school photo?

Yes, the magic words “I DON’T WANT THIS” followed by “Kindergarten 20-21.”

While upset that she ruined her son’s first-ever school photos, she later saw the humor in it and decided to share it on her mom-centered Facebook group so everyone could have a laugh.

The post has gotten thousands of comments and Kinley is glad that her “mom fail” could bring some much needed joy to people.