Finally, a formal wear line from Stove Top Stuffing

If you can’t get enough stuffing at Thanksgiving — and who among us can, really? — Stove Top has the answer: a line of formal clothing dedicated to the beloved brand. 

Now you can show off your Thursday best this Turkey Day with a red velvet jacket complete with a lining decorated with a photo-realistic image of the side dish, a headband stuffed with a scoop of simulated stuffing, a reversible Stove Top shawl, a themed hankie/pocket square, and/or a fancy-schmantzy set of cufflinks designed to look like miniature boxes of Stove Top…Stufflinks, anyone?

These limited-edition pieces run between $4.79 and $30, and go on sale while supplies last at beginning Tuesday, November 17 at 12 p.m. Eastern time.