Carrie Underwood feels the love in son Isaiah’s heart on “The Little Drummer Boy”

While Carrie Underwood loves hearing her son Isaiah‘s voice on “The Little Drummer Boy,” it’s the heart behind it that makes it extra special.

In an interview with Entertainment TonightCarrie shares that her 5-year-old son was very animated while recording the song that appears on her new holiday album My Gift in the studio, pouring his excitement into the production. 

“He loves to sing…and he has such a giving, loving heart about him and I could just hear his voice on it,” Carrie explains, adding she was “very proud” of her son. “So he goes in there and he just gave it his all and it’s so pure and it’s so special and he’s throwing his hands in the air and just so expressive when he was singing it.” 

“I was so proud of him, just for giving it his all and the love in his heart because he does love Jesus,” she continues. “At 5 years old he knows, and he was giving all the love. I’m very proud of him.”

My Gift dropped in September and immediately reached number one on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart and the Billboard Holiday Albums chart. It also peaked inside the top 10 on the Billboard 200.