Spokane’s Rep. Mike Volz gains bipartisan support with bill to better equip communities recovering from wildfires

A Republican lawmaker has received bipartisan backing for added state support in the long-term recovery from wildfires and other types of emergencies. Nic Scott reports.

Following the wildfires last summer that devastated the communities of Medical Lake and Elk, Representative Mike Volz of Spokane wants to better prepare the Washington State Department of Emergency Management to increase outreach.

“This is to better equip the state to support local communities and groups in the long-term recovery – have some resources available in terms of money, tools, manuals, whatever will help them move quickly from the event into recovery mode.”

Volz is the ranking member on the House Innovation, Community and Economic Development, and Veterans Committee, which unanimously approved House Bill 1952Volz says bringing all state and community resources together would help attract national organizations which respond to natural disasters.

“We need to connect the dots between the locals and the state and start thinking about this a little bit differently.”

The proposal has been referred to the Appropriations Committee before it can be considered by the entire House of Representatives.