Stockings, Santa and stress: Survey reveals Americans are anxious about the holidays

With Halloween 2023 in the rearview mirror and Thanksgiving next week, Americans are gearing up for the holiday season — and yeah, they’re already feeling nervous. 

According to 1,000 respondents to a survey from the homecare app Thumbtack, 58% of its respondents say they’re stressed about the holidays coming ’round the corner.

That number jumps to 70% if they’re hosting the festivities.

That said, 44% of Americans plan on doing just that, with 23% saying they’re doing it for the first time ever this year. 

The survey also revealed that other than gift-giving, cleaning and organizing before a season shindig was the biggest stressor; 59% admit to procrastinating on that front. 

The actual act of hosting itself was only stressful for 11%, while 10% admitted to wringing their hands about decorating their house for the holidays — though more than half say they drag their feet on that. 

Forty-one percent say they start decorating their houses between Halloween and Thanksgiving; 34% wait until the weekend after Thanksgiving. 

And when the new year rolls around, take note: 34% of those polled say they judge their neighbors for not taking down their decorations on time. And 54% agree that “too long” is anytime past the end of January.

Sheesh. Is it too early for the spiked eggnog?

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