Police find a pig on Bacon Creek Road

In Kentucky, a small, stray pig has created quite a stir on Bacon Creek Road, where police are now on the hunt for its owner.

The Corbin Police Department stumbled upon this unexpected porcine pedestrian during a routine patrol and humorously shared a snapshot of the pig lounging in the back seat of a patrol cruiser on Facebook.

“PIG LOCATED ON … WAIT FOR IT… BACON CREEK RD,” the police department cheekily shared. “Corbin Police Officers have wrangled a small pig on Bacon Creek Rd in Corbin. No, we are not talking about Patrolman Chris Brown (or any of our other fine 2nd shift Patrol Officers), but a legit pig.”

“Seriously, if you own this pig. He is in custody at the Corbin Police Department. Please hurry before the Corbin Fire Department gets hungry,” they concluded.