Ontario woman receives surprise delivery of over 1,000 condoms

(NOTE NATURE) A puzzling delivery left a woman from northern Ontario baffled and out of pocket after more than 1,000 Trojan condoms arrived at her doorstep.

Joelle Angleheart recounted her bewildering experience to CTV News, stating that while she did receive an email notification from Amazon about the contraceptives’ impending arrival, she and her husband dismissed it as a scam due to their lack of intent to purchase such items.

The confusion deepened as the massive package materialized at their residence, especially since Angleheart’s husband was in the hospital at the time, recovering from an illness. To compound matters, a staggering $670 charge appeared on her credit card for the unordered Amazon delivery.

Efforts to secure a refund from Amazon spanned four months. However, following media involvement, Amazon Canada pledged to investigate the matter. They promptly secured Angleheart’s account and reimbursed her. She was permitted to keep the unexpected condoms.