Atlanta’s boot vigilantes take the law into their own hands

In Atlanta, the term “vigilante” might carry a negative undertone, but the city’s “Boot Girls” seem to embody the essence of watchful guardians. These two women have embarked on a mission to liberate cars from the grip of those pesky, immobilizing boots that have become a contentious issue in Georgia’s capital.

The Boot Girls, known by their aliases Boot Baby and Boot Sheisty, wield a boot key, a tool obtained after a personal encounter with a land anchor. According to their Instagram, they offer their boot-removal services for a fee of $50, gaining popularity through word-of-mouth referrals, texts, and Instagram orders.

This bold move has left parking companies, private property owners, and booting firms perturbed. The City of Atlanta police department has issued a stern warning on its Facebook page, cautioning that tampering with booting devices may result in charges of Criminal Trespass, Theft of Services, Theft by Taking, or Damage to Property 2nd Degree.