Safety Concerns keep Yellowbottom Campground Closed for 2023

Salem, Ore. — The Bureau of Land Management will not open Yellowbottom Campground during the 2023 season due to several. damaged large trees that pose a risk to people camping.

The 13-acre campground is about 20 miles northeast of Sweet Home, nestled along Quartzville Creek in a stand of Douglas fir. It’s a popular camping spot, where visitors can sleep below giant trees that reach 200 to 300 feet tall and more than 5 feet in diameter. Many of these trees are reaching the end of their expected lifespan. BLM managers have decided to keep the site closed due to the number of potentially hazardous trees in and around the campground.

“We understand Yellowbottom is a special place and provides a unique camping experience,” said Amanda Hoffman, Field Manager for the BLM Cascades Field Office. “Unfortunately, these large trees are aging to a point where they put the safety of visitors at risk. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we consider next steps for this recreation site.”

Earlier in the season, officials  announced a delayed opening to assess the situation. BLM staff will continue extensive monitoring and assessment of the damaged and aging trees. The day-use area along the river of Yellowbottom Special Recreation Management Area remains open.