Outdoor debris burning closed as of June 1st in the Bend area

Bend Fire Department, in conjunction with the Central Oregon Fire Chiefs Association (COFCA), announces the date of closing of open debris burning. Starting June 1st, debris will be closed for fire season. Outdoor debris burning in the city limits of Bend is closed year-round by City of Bend Ordinance. 

Backyard fires which include warming fires, campfires and cooking fires are typically allowed year-round within the City of Bend and Rural Fire District #2 that surrounds the City, when used within the guidelines set forth in the Bend Fire Department Burning Regulations. Additional restrictions on campfires can be placed during the hottest parts of summer to help reduce the risk of fire further. Check the restrictions every time you burn by calling our burn information line at 541-322-6335

Burn Regulations available online at www.bendoregon.gov/burninginfo

For everyone living in Central Oregon, be sure your home has good defensible space around it to help protect your home from the threat of wildfire. More information about creating defensible space and preparing for the upcoming fire season can be found on our website at www.ownyourzonebend.org.

As a reminder to all Central Oregon residents, be advised that regulations may vary between fire protection jurisdictions.  Please contact your local, state or federal fire agency for specific requirements and closures. The local fire danger level was moved to Moderate on 5/25/23. 

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