Klickitat County Burn Ban Zone 1 and what you can and can not burn

Klickitat County Code Chapter 8.24 – Burn Ban Regulations Amendment

The Klickitat County Board of County Commissioners, after a Public Hearing, have approved a proposal to amend Klickitat County Code Chapter 8.24 to clarify the outdoor burning ban regulations in the unincorporated areas of Klickitat County.

The primary focus of the amendment was to clearly define what outdoor burning is not, and what is allowed during a Klickitat County burn ban.

To view the approved amendment resolution, and the Burn Ban Code Educational Material please visit: https://www.klickitatcounty.org/1244/Burn-Bans-and-Fire-Resources

Outdoor Burning NOT ALLOWED During a Burn Ban

No outdoor burning is permitted, except as provided for in the Klickitat County Burn Ban Code 8.24.

  • Outdoor burning means the combustion of material of any type in an open fire or in an outdoor container without providing for the control of combustion and the control of emissions from the combustion.

Outdoor burning NOT allowed includes:

  • Debris piles and campfires that utilize wood, pressed logs, wood pellets, paper, cardboard, briquettes, or other solid fuels, even if the campfire is encircled by rock or other barrier.
    • All incendiary devices, such as exploding targets (Tannerite) or sky lanterns.
    • All containers and devices burning solid fuel with uncontained combustion or open flame.
    • Lanterns, outdoor stoves, and Tiki torches that use non-pressurized liquid gas or fuel.
    • Solid fuel candles that are not enclosed within a metal or glass container or with exhaust ports greater than ½ inch.
    • Weed Burners

Outdoor Burning ALLOWED During a Burn Ban

Solid Fuel Burning – briquettes, pellets, wood chips/pieces

  • Use of enclosed containers designed and built for outdoor burning such as barbecues, smokers, outdoor ovens or stoves, and other devices used for food preparation, personal warmth or pleasure.

Enclosed containers must be constructed with an enclosed combustion chamber and be equipped with an attached spark arrester (screen) made of iron, heavy wire mesh, or other noncombustible material with openings not larger than one-half (1/2) inch before exiting the combustion chamber or an exhaust port.

Liquid Fuel Burning- natural gas, liquid petroleum, liquid gas, or propane

  • Devices including ones with an open flame that have a shut off valve and do not incorporate any solid fuels in the combustion process.
    • Use of camp stoves, lanterns, and other devices designed and built for food preparation, personal warmth or pleasure with attached pressurized fuel canisters that have a shut off valve.
    • Solid fuel and citronella candles in metal or glass enclosed containers with exhaust ports of ½ inch or less.

Other Requirements:

  • Remove all combustible materials within a 10-foot perimeter of the solid fuel burning container or liquid fuel device.
    • Flame length not to exceed 12 inches for devices that use liquid fuels and do not incorporate any solid fuels.
    • All outdoor burning containers and devices must be used in a safe and sane manner
    • A person capable of turning off the fuel supply or extinguishing the fire must attend it at all times and the fire must be extinguished before leaving it. A sufficient water supply to extinguish the fire and a shovel must be present and ready to use.
    • The use of burn barrels and the burning of trash or garbage is prohibited by the State of Washington and should be reported to the Washington State Department of Ecology.

Klickitat County Burn Ban Zone One

Ban on Outdoor Burning from May 15, 2023 until rescinded

Klickitat County is establishing a ban on open outdoor burning for Klickitat County Burn Ban Zone One defined as lands East of the Klickitat County Fire District #7 eastern boundary to include but not limited to Klickitat County Fire Districts #2, 9 and 10; outside the jurisdiction of the Yakama Indian Nation; and the jurisdiction of the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission and prohibiting the issuance of burning permits except for authorized agricultural burning. Residential barbecues will be allowed. At the discretion of the Fire Chief, Fire Protection Districts are exempt from this ban for the purposes of live fire training activities. Said ban on open outdoor burning shall be in full force and effect from May 15, 2023 until rescinded.  The public is directed to check with the appropriate authorities concerning burning restrictions within the corporate limits of any city or town.

In 2018 Klickitat County Department of Emergency Management (KCDEM) in cooperation with the Klickitat County Interagency Fire Association (KCIFA) created new County Burn Ban Zone designations for establishing County open outdoor burn bans. This consists of three zones across the county starting in the east with Zone One then Zone Two covering the central area and Zone Three covering the west end of the county. For clarity the zone boundaries follow fire district boundaries as much as possible. Maps detailing the zone boundaries have been created and are available to view and download on the KCDEM webpage.

Information for Klickitat County Burn Ban Zones 2 and 3 will be released as soon as the 2023 dates are finalized.

The full resolution and KC Burn Ban maps can be viewed online at our webpage: https://www.klickitatcounty.org/1242/Burn-Bans-Zones-and-Notices