Up in smoke: Smokers can spend up to $166K on cigarettes over a lifetime

Sure, most of those who are still smoking might want to quit, but perhaps this might be a motivator: a U.K. study found the average puffer will see $166,000 go up in smoke, all because of cigarettes. 

While taxes have been levied on cigarettes both in the U.S. and the U.K., where the survey originated, that’s not stopping some people. So the group Unsmoke UK put its study data to work in a different way. 

Not only did the group tally that very large number over an adult lifetime of smoking, it noted that amount works out to be $2,685 spent on cigarettes per year.

Unsmoke UK also broke the total down into other really, really expensive things you could afford if you weren’t buying cigarettes. 

For example, that total number is actually more money than 15 Rolex Submariner watches or luxe Birkin bags. 

“It’s surprising to see these figures laid out in front of you in this way,” commented Christian Woolfenden, managing director of Philip Morris Limited, in a statement. The tobacco giant commissioned the study for Unsmoke UK.

He continues, “Most people would be delighted with a cash boost of more than $100,000 — but seeing it slip away bit by bit on cigarettes is avoidable by quitting.”

Further, the group surveyed those who do puff and noted that of those who wanted to quit, 74% say it would be to save money — more than the 72% who say they want to quit for their health. 

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