So that’s where I left my lighter

A man narrowly escaped death after a laundromat customer left a lighter inside a pant pocket, and tossed them into a tumble dryer.

A terrifying video, obtained by Yahoo News Australia, shows a man leaving the laundromat, located in the Spanish port city of A Coruna — seconds before the dryer suddenly stops and its door flies open and bursts into a ball of flames.

The force of the flames blew out the shopfront window and tore the sign off the building.

Cigarette lighters are usually filled with butane, which is a highly flammable gas that when damaged in the right conditions can cause a fire, Superintendent Adam Dewberry from NSW Fire and Rescue told the outlet.

“The message is to always check your pockets, not only for the tissues that turn your clothes into a white mess, but more importantly for the modern conveniences such as batteries and lighters,” he said. “[These] can do more harm than put fluff all over your clothes.”