Survey says nearly 40% of Americans consider their pets priceless

It’s no secret Americans love their pets, but a new survey shows just how much they’re worth to them. 

In fact, 37% of the 1,500 pet owners polled by say no amount of money would entice them to give up their animal friends. One in four admit their pets aren’t exactly priceless, but they’d only take a million bucks or more to be without them.

That said, the cost of owning those animal friends is rising: The website reports the annual cost of pet essentials now ranges from $610 to $3,555 a year for dogs and $325 to $1,600 for cats. That includes must-haves like food, supplies, vet checks, and various other expenditures to keep noses wet and tails wagging.

In fact, 81% report the price of pet food has bit them the hardest, and 41% say they’ve cut back on their own grocery bills to keep Fido and Fifi’s tummies filled. 

But boy, it’s worth it: 82% say their pets bring them the most happiness of anything they spend money on, and 42% would give up their morning coffee for life rather than give up their pets. 

Perhaps it’s no surprise then that the survey also noted that 44% of pet parents say they’d consider a pay cut just to work at a place that was pet friendly so they could spend more time with them. 

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