KFC shoots down viral rumor they refill buckets of chicken for free

KFC is letting you know that no, you cannot get a free refill on your bucket of chicken, no matter what TikTok is telling you.

A viral rumor took off earlier this month when a popular, self-professed fast-food secrets guru claimed that “KFC does free refills on buckets of chicken.” He claimed the stipulation is, “As long as you finish the bucket of chicken within an hour, you can get that bucket of chicken refilled for free.”

For the record, the TikToker has over 8.5 million followers and that video of his has been seen nearly 8 million times.

Then, another famous TikToker — one with close to 4 million followers — tried the so-called hack and did wind up getting a free refill.

Mashable reports KFC has denied the rumor and is “begging” people to stop believing it’s real. Not only that, the outlet said other fast-food chains have similarly been targeted by those fake rumors.

That said, the outlet notes most online, too-good-to-be-true food hacks are actually hoaxes.