Parents outraged after “weird” man attacks daughter’s snowman

An English couple was rendered speechless when they discovered their 9-year-old daughter’s snowman didn’t fall over on its own — it was attacked by a “weird” man.

Black Country Live reports the U.K. enjoyed some rare snowfall, and kids naturally built things like snowmen and snow forts. But a Dudley, England, couple says they were robbed of watching their daughter’s creation melt after a strange man was caught — on camera — attacking her snowman.

They shared the doorbell camera footage, which sees the man park his car on the other side of the street and walk over to their property. He kicks the snowman hard enough to send it flying, then returns to his car and leaves.

The unidentified dad told the outlet, “It is weird that it annoyed him so much he had to stop and pull over. I know it’s only a snowman but to come up onto someone’s garden, it’s not on.”

“It had started to lean over, the kids were looking forward to it melting,” he added.

As for the mom, she said the man was “mean and horrible,” adding that his actions have upset her kid.

Both hope the man is identified.