Gross! Nearly 1 in 5 Americans admit they don’t wash their clothes

If you find yourself sitting at a table of five people, chances are one of them doesn’t wash their clothes. Ever. Hopefully we’re not talking about you.

A study from Thumbtack asked 1,000 Americans about their cleaning habits and found 18 percent of respondents don’t wash their clothes after they wear them.

Instead, they will spray something like Febreze to take away the stink. It should be noted that while their clothes might smell fresher, that treatment won’t take care of all the stains or germs on the fabric. 

Fifteen percent of people said they just throw their dirty clothes under their bed to hide the mess, while 17 percent admit to sleeping on stained blankets — and will use pillows to hide the blemishes.

For those guilty of wearing grimy clothes or sleeping on dirty blankets, just know more than a quarter of respondents say they will think negatively about a person who lives in filth.

And for you Febreze fans, a reminder that the company makes a laundry detergent

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