Rage against the company: Survey shows up to 9% of dissatisfied customers now seeking “revenge”

We’re not all happy customers — not even close. 

That’s the takeaway from this year’s The National Customer Rage Survey, an independent study conducted by Customer Care Measurement & Consulting

The study was based on a poll of 1,000 consumers and showed 74% complained about an unsatisfactory product or service last year. That’s up from 66% in 2020, the last time the poll was taken.

The survey also showed 63% felt some sort of “customer rage” regarding the problem. Further, nearly 1 in 10 have gone so far as to say they’ve sought “revenge” — that’s three times more than in 2020.

While “revenge” varies, the poll notes threatening employees and putting the company on blast on social media are some of the go-tos.

Nearly 80% of respondents say they have no problem calling — or texting or emailing — a company to give them a piece of their mind, and the number one frustration they have is having to suffer through recorded messages to get to speak to an actual person, presumably to let them have it.

And customer service reps are bearing the brunt: In fact, the poll noted 50% of respondents weren’t above yelling at customer service folks, and 25% of miffed customers believe “more hostile forms of bad behavior,” like threats and humiliation, were actually “civil.”

And while 52% say they’ve gotten “something” for all their ranting from the company, nearly half get nothing.

While that’s frustrating for consumers, it’s downright costly to companies: The survey noted more than $887 billion of revenue is at risk due to “ineffective complaint handling.”

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