DA Mike Schmidt Testifies in Support of Bill that Will Increase Penalties for Organized Street Racing

Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt today testified in support of SB 615, which is aimed at deterring organized street racing and street takeover events by increasing penalties. 

The Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office worked with the Portland Police Bureau in providing technical feedback on the bill, resulting in the -1 amendments. These amendments make two changes to existing law: extending criminal penalties to those who deliberately block intersections in order to facilitate street racing, and allowing for the use of criminal forfeiture against participating vehicles.

“Throughout the past several years, we have witnessed a disturbing increase in organized street racing and street takeover events,” said DA Mike Schmidt. “These events are dangerous, disruptive to traffic and communities, and can pose a frequently lethal public safety threat. SB 615 effectively targets this unlawful behavior. Criminal forfeiture is a tool that needs to be used with the utmost care, but I believe that by targeting the vehicles that are specially designed to commit this crime, we will create the most powerful deterrent to this unacceptable behavior.”

More information is available on the Oregon Legislature’s website