Man accused of ruining surprise wedding because he dressed as the Corpse Bride

(NOTE LANGUAGE) The general rule of weddings is only the bride wears a wedding dress — but a man who broke that cardinal rule is wondering if he’s in the wrong.

On Reddit’s Am I The A**hole (AITA) forum, a 19-year-old man from Australia explained a female friend of his, who recently got engaged, invited him to a celebratory “small costume party.” The storyteller said he “thought it would be funny to go to an engagement party” dressed as Emily from Corpse Bride.

He said he smeared himself in blue paint, and his outfit was a hit with the other costumed guests. About 10 minutes in, “My friend’s fiancé walked out in a black tuxedo and announced this was actually their wedding. Apparently my friend saw a video of someone doing this and wanted to do the same.”

The Reddit user quickly asked his friend’s fiancé if he should go home and change, but was told all was good “since I didn’t know this was the wedding.”

But apparently things were not good. After the bride avoided him during the reception, she apparently blew up his phone a few hours later, accusing him of ruining her big day.

“She told me it was basic knowledge not to wear a wedding dress to a wedding. I reminded her I had no idea it was a wedding and that I asked her now husband if I should change and he said it was fine,” the story continued.

The storyteller then got chewed out by the husband: “He said how I should have changed anyways and it’s my fault that the two are now fighting over this.”

The couple have since blocked him, leaving the storyteller wondering if he was the jerk. Reddit largely decided he wasn’t.